4 important maintenance tasks for a website.

4 Important Maintenance Tasks for Websites

Owning a website for your business is hard work. But the fruits of your labour is always worth the effort you put in. The most important thing about it is that whatever step you take contributes to the overall improvement of this online asset.

One of the most important tasks you should do is website maintenance. This is not just something you do willy-nilly because your competition is always on their toes to try and find what works best, this is also the reason you should make sure your website is in its prime condition. It is important in driving traffic to web site.

Maintenance is a recurring task. You should set aside a specific schedule for regular maintenance. Once a week check is recommended with monthly site-wide edit especially if its a brand new website.

Here are some of the things you should do when doing maintenance on your website.

Creating Regular Content

Creating content.

You should pump out new content related to your website. These can be blog articles, news updates, videos, or even podcasts. What’s important is that you let your audience know that you have regular content for them to consume. This will also allow your current audience to be sure that if they share your website to others, they can expect regular value from you.

This also helps increase your page ranking. Adding fresh content also means making sure that the information on your website is optimised and caters to the needs of the present time. Updating content will also be a great way to refresh the content on your website.

The amount of interaction in the comment section also helps in measuring web traffic on your site.

Test Website Speed and Response

Test website loading speed.

With users being more and more attached to their mobile phones, it is best to make websites mobile-friendly. If your website was designed in the early 2000s, you must update it to fit mobile phone screens. This simple move can help you gain more visitors at the same time keep them on your website longer. Retaining your audience will be easier.

This is also where user experience and user interaction comes in to add to the overall impression you give to your audience as well as Google Algorithm. Articles like this one on how to increase website traffic will put this on top of the list.

Check Analytics and Website Traffic

Analytics and web traffic.

The analysis of website traffic should be checked daily. After all, this is the main goal of having a website.

If you find that your website traffic has a declining trend, you have to sound the alarm and make a sitewide audit. One of the worst reasons for this is being penalised by Google for doing something that goes against their guidelines.

Find and Fix Broken Links

Fix broken links.

Broken links on your website need to be weeded out vigorously. These can affect your ranking and your integrity. Having broken links on your website will make your audience lose interest in you.


Maintaining a website is as important as keeping your brand strong. Little steps and care for this asset can prove to have plenty of benefit in practice and for its effect.

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